Yolkjammer Mini Oracle Deck v2


The "Yolkjammer” mini pocket oracle is made from a collection of my drawings on the “yolkjammer” theme.

Let me explain.

I love eggs. I love jammy yolks. I love runny yolks. While working a busy shift at my cafe job, my breakfast came out of the kitchen. I turned to my coworker and said “I’m gonna jam these yolks real quick.” There was a pause and then I said “I’m the yolkjammer.” We laughed so hard, you guys. We said “THIS IS SOMETHING.”

I’d been drawing a lot of nuns playing basketball, and this idea of the yolkjammer resonated. Nuns on the court with eggs, dunking (as in, toast into a soft-boiled egg), putting eggs into the “basket,” jamming on the court (jammy yolk!), running (runny yolk!), “single dribble,” etc. My mind was aflame with ideas and I drew as many as I could. Those drawings are the basis for this deck

This deck is a fun little friend to tarot and other oracles, or can be a simple three-card spread to get a read on something. It is meant to be an intuitive experience, although this guidebook may help give you ideas and insights into the cards. The main thing is to have fun and trust yourself!


Linus Schief