This Tender Appeal

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Woven using lots of odds and ends from the workshop, including plastic grocery bags, bags my t-shirts come in, bubble wrap my mugs come wrapped in, old sheets, fabric scraps. Sturdy cotton carpet warp.

This piece is truly unique. I intuitively wove without a plan, took it off the loom and didn't look at it for a month. When I hung it up, it's auratic qualities really struck me. It's hard to describe or capture in a photo.

I sat in front of it for a while listening to piano music. I waited for it to communicate something. I looked at the title of the song playing, "This Tender Appeal," and it felt perfect as the title for this weaving. It also felt deeply restful to sit and look at it while listening to that piano song.

Basically this piece is a feeling that is hard to convey. And that feeling can be yours.

Measures 26x60"