“Bubblegum” rag rug

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There is something about this one…I love it. It reminds me of candy. I wish I could capture its true color and texture, photos don't seem to do it justice!

I wove this little mat out of the seafoam blue bubble wrap that is wrapped around my store's mug shipment. It's always bothered me how much there is. I'm happy to know it weaves up nice! I put a strip of orange t-shirt material in for contrast.

These plastic mats can take a beating. I have had one in my kitchen for six months; we've worn our sneakers on it, I've washed it at least 5 times (washer AND dryer!), and it's holding up fine! In fact it has gotten a lot softer with wear, less plasticky-feeling.

Was thinking this could be a cute thing to have if you normally don't do rugs because your dog tends to pee on them? I may or may not be speaking from experience? Haha. In this case, just rinse it off and you're good to go.

Measures 24x24" including fringe.

Woven in my Tucson weaving studio in August 2023.